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Sometimes I get really excited about a story/ article/ song/ whatever and I want to scream about it and post it everywhere and make everyone experience the thing in the way I did.
But then… I don’t share it. Because, people will say mean things to me/ about what I posted. It will start a debate that I don’t want to have. People won’t love what I love in the same way.
And that’s silly. Yet, I still don’t post it and shout about it and share.

So… this is me sharing. Things that have  made me say YES!! Articles that ’cause my stomach to get achy. Things made me belly laugh and yell at my computer and… you get were I’m headed. Sometimes there are articles I simply enjoy.

Here are some of those articles:

“Feminism has made woman less happy” Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Love is love.

The only thing worse than being a Viking is being a Bear.

The girls of Pink Helmet Posse are the coolest.

Where should you live?

Here’s a little Halloween party music for your festivities. 

People are awesome.

There is no possible way to be cooler than this guy.

We need more things like this everywhere. 

Reading shit like this makes me want to scream!

THIS! explains so much.

I seriously could not be more in love with this man. He’s the fucking greatest. 

Stories like this one make my tummy hurt.

But it’s good to see that people are not letting horrific stories continue without calling them out.

“I don’t want her to take this same path I did. I want her to do better”. So cool.

I like this. And, I have decided, that I will sporadically (possibly at the beginning of every month?) start doing it.

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